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Skyco Shading Systems is leading the sun control industry in new directions.  We work to be the best at what we do by making customer service a top priority.  At Skyco, we create custom shading solutions, ultimately energy solutions, that provide comfort and privacy, compliment the architecture, then disappear entirely.  While we specialize in specialties, and obsess over obscure and challenging conditions, the majority of our product line consists of commercial quality shading systems for traditionally shaped and sized windows.

Our focus is on motorization and green energy solutions for projects in Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial, and Education Facilities.  This focus allows us to not only be competitive, but to deliver the technology required for LEED goals like daylighting, thermal comfort, and enhancing views through glare control.

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INFINITY HOSPITALITY SOURCING also has a wide offiering of far UVC products for passive sterilization.  Catalog at

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